Homeopathic Emergency Kit

*Homeopathic Emergency Kit*

There are some medicine which can  be very useful in your life . We ar collecting some of them for you . During in emergency you can keep this kit with in home, or when you are in journey.
Details are as below.

1. *Ipecac 30 -* when there is nausea and vomiting with no thirst and clean tongue.

2. *Arsenic Alb 30* – vomiting with thirst for small quantity of water at short intervals.

3. *Antim Crud 30* – vomiting due to over eating, tongue white.

4. *Aconite 30 -* Disease due to dry cold wind, and due to fear.

5. *Belladonna 30* – Severe headache, with red face, ir any diseases with red hot pain of the part, high fever with head hot and feet cold

6. *Bryonia 30 -* Any disease with great thirst for large quantity of water at long interval, worse by motion and better by rest.

7. *Aloes 30* – Loose motion with pain abdomen, pt goes immediate to the toilet can’t control the stool

8. *Antim Tart 30 -* Cough with rattling in chest, this medicine works like expectorant.

9. *Cantharis 30* – For burn of the part, also for burning urine.

10. *Colocynth 30 -* Pain abdomen, better by pressure or bending double.

11. *Mag Phos 6x, 30* – Any pain better by hot application and pressure.

12. *Carbo. Veg 30* – Gas formation of upper abdomen better by belching.

13. *China 30* – Gas formation of whole abdomen not better by belching.

14. *Lycopodium 200 -* Gas formation of lower abdomen

15. *Chamomilla 30* – Savere earache with irritable child.

16. *Arnica 30* – Injury without cut.

17. *Calendula 30 -* Injury with cut.

18. *Staphysagria 200* – Cut Injury by sharp instrument.

19. *Rhus Tox, 30 -* Sprains, and any pain better by motion worse by rest.

20. *Merc Sol 30 -* Ulcer on tongue with increased salivation, boil with night pain, dysentry with pain and mucus.

21. *Apis Mel 30* – Sting by honey bee with swelling great pain and burning, no thirst. Allergy better by cold application.

22. *Ledum pal 30* – Punctured wound by pointed things like pin, needle, pointed woods etc

23. *Hypericum 30 -* Injury to nerve, like finger tip etc

24. *Rauwalfia Serp. Q* – For high blood pressure

25. *Viscum Alb Q* – For low blood pressure.

26. *Gelsemium 30 -* Low blood pressure, in any disease when pt feels dull, dizziness, weak and sleepy.

27. *Merc Cor 30 -* Dysentry with severe pain and blood.

28. *Trillium Q, 30* – Severe Menstrual bleeding.

29. *Mellifolium Q, 30* – Nose bleeding or excess menses bleeding

30. *Ficus Rel. Q* – For bleeding from piles.

31. *Cascara Sag Q* – For constipation.

32. *Pulsatilla 30* – Indigestion due to mixed food, fatty food with dry mouth, white coated tongue, no thirst.

33. *Wyethia 30* – Sore throat and pharyngitis.

34. *Sanguinaria 30* – Right sided headache increased with sunheat

35. *Spigelia 30* – Left sided headache, increased with sun heat, heart pain and left arm pain.

36. *Merc Bin Iod 30 -* Tonsillitis left side.

37. *Merc Proto Iod 30* – Tonsillitis right side

38. *Nat Mur 200* – Headache due to tension and sunheat, starts from backward settles on forehead.

39. *Cocculus 30 -* Vomiting in car or bus with giddiness, occipital headache with vomiting.

40. *Hepar Sulph 30* – Boil with great pain and sensiiveness, cough more by cold.

41. *Calendula Q* – externally in cut injury as antiseptic.

42. *Arnica Q* – Wounds without cut, use external.

43. *Plantago Q* – External use in toothache.

44. *Cantharis Q -* External use in burns.

45. *Urtica Urens Q* – For urticaria and uric acid.

46. *Mullain Oil Q* – External use in earache

47. *Kreosote Q* – External use in toothache due to caries.

48. *Blatta Orient. Q* – For asthma attack.

49. *Aspidosperma Q -* For Asthma

50. *Hydrastis Q -* External use in nose block.

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